Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 Fascinating Prom Dresses

With the gala night of festivities approaching near, have you fixed on the most bewitching and exclusive prom dress of all yet? It is certainly time to go for a shopping haul at the earliest if looking spectacular and matchlessly charming are the only things you want in this world at this very moment! Looking run-of-the-mill hardly cuts the grades. Slipping into something common fails to do the trick as well. So, the best way to sweep your guy off his feet is by getting dressed to kill in an attire that bespeak trend, style, flamboyance, grace, sensuality and obviously haute couture.
Let us tour around a bit and take a close look at the top 10 masterpiece prom dresses this season. 

1. Sexy Black Asymmetrical Gown

Set the bar high with a ravishing and sexy asymmetrical gown. Surely one of a kind, this gorgeous black piece is a definite knockout. Wrapped in beautiful lace, this full-length gown is certainly the one to die for. Bling is an imperative part of any grand carousing – don’t you agree? Well, this super-chic stylish asymmetrical dress has been carefully threaded with glitters, rhinestones and posh crystals, giving the craftsmanship an unmatched edge. Finally, the single long-sleeve ensemble defines the best and latest dernier cry. 

2. Cinderella Style Lace Beaded Dress

 Are you steamed up for the time-honored Cinderella themed prom night? Great! What could possibly turn up the beauty quotient and make you look absolutely ethereal than a gorgeous white ball-style gown? Teamed with heavily embellished beaded bodice, this super regal dress is bound to bowl a couple of hunks over. Getting dolled in the very classic style sweetheart neck flowy gown coupled with a layered lace skirt seems to work the magic and amplify your charm by leaps and bounds.

3. The Famous Red Mermaid Dress
Get the shutterbags mouse-trapped when you walk-in, looking spectacularly dapper in the exclusively crafted bright red mermaid style gown. The color speaks volumes in itself. However, it is the design that cuts all grades. Shimmering satin fabric with tiered bottom and a flawlessly designed off-shoulder plunging neckline described top-notch couture clothing.

4. Contemporary Two Piece Lace Gown

 Prom’s a time when style quotients are flaming high! Why make a usual entry when you could lure numbers with
an unbeatable style. Leading the charts is a breathtaking two piece floral lace prom wear. Calling it just a prom dress is inappropriate since the masterpiece is suited for all grand occasions and is trendsetting cocktail attire. Available in the very feminine and chic pink tint, the floral patterned lace crop top showcases impeccable and modish craftsmanship.
5. Ruched Silk Gown for Cute Pumpkins

 Are you not so confident about carrying a ball-style gown with grace? Thanks to your butterball figure for such shattered confidence but guess what? You can look majestically inviting and very charming in a pretty silk strapless prom dress. Exquisitely ruched bodice paired with minimum detailing and embellished belt creates a perfect voguish look.
Steal the show with fascinating prom attires that screams flair, beauty, exclusiveness and latest trend.


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